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A Brief History

On the 20th anniversary of their sister-state relationship in September 1988, the governments of Shiga Prefecture and the State of Michigan signed an agreement to create the “Japan Center for Michigan Universities” (JCMU).  In collaboration with the Shiga and Michigan governments, the fifteen state-supported universities in Michigan formed a consortium for the express purpose of administering JCMU and governing its academic programs.  Shiga Prefecture provides the grounds and the buildings of the Japan Center, as well as on-site staff to work closely with JCMU’s staff in designing and carrying out cultural exchange activities.  In 1998, the newly created University of Shiga Prefecture also became a JCMU partner.

The creation of JCMU represents a unique commitment on the part of Shiga Prefecture and the State of Michigan to promote international education and to prepare the citizens of both countries to deal with the realities of our changing world.  It also represents an unprecedented level of cooperation among the universities in Michigan and elsewhere in an effort to develop and implement programs of mutual interest.

Fundamental to all JCMU activities is a commitment to cultural exchange at the local (state and prefecture) level and to an academic program that upholds the highest academic standards and is accessible to students from all areas of Michigan, the USA, and the world.

Our current programs include:

  • Japanese Language and Culture Program (Fall, Spring/Winter, or Academic Year)
  • Intensive Summer Japanese Language Program
  • Comparative Health Care in Japan Program (Summer)
  • Environmental Science in Japan Program (Summer)
  • Hospitality Business and Tourism in Japan Program (Summer)
  • Internship Program (Summer)
  • May Short Programs
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