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Independent Travel During the Program

Independent travel in Japan and visits from family and guests, etc. are not acceptable excuses for missing classes.  Unexcused absences will negatively affect your grades.  Class-attendance records are required by the Ministry of Justice and could affect continuation or renewal of visas.

The JCMU academic calendar is designed to allow opportunities for individual travel in Japan, both during and after the academic term.  As noted above, however, individual travel may not conflict with classes or other scheduled program activities.

Because JCMU (as the agent for Shiga Prefecture) is legally responsible for your welfare in Japan, JCMU staff needs to know where you are whenever you are not staying at JCMU. You MUST notify the JCMU Resident Director (or a designated alternate), in advance, and provide an itinerary of dates of travel, destination, and contact telephone numbers for while you will be away.

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