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On the 20th anniversary of the Michigan-Shiga Sister State relationship, the fifteen public universities of Michigan, in collaboration with the two governments, formed a consortium for the expressed purpose of operating JCMU and its academic programs. A representative from each member of the consortium is appointed to work with students from their home institution before and after their participation in JCMU programs. The consortium representatives meet twice each year to discuss any issues or changes in JCMU academic programs and administrative processes.


From 1994 until 2006, JCMU affiliated with private institutions in Michigan and across the United States. Affiliated institutions are given the following privileges: student applications are given second priority, after applications of consortium students, affiliate institutions are directly billed by the JCMU East Lansing office, and affiliate institution grades are directly sent from JCMU without need of additional transcripts or guest student status. Each affiliate institution also has a designated representative to work with students.


JCMU has begun developing cooperative agreements between JCMU and institutions outside of Michigan, forming a new cooperative category of institutional participation. 


JCMU welcomes new partner institutions in the United States and Canada. To inquire about becoming a cooperative institution, or for general inquiries regarding institutional affiliation with JCMU, please contact our Fiscal Officer in East Lansing, Kitty Douglass, at, or call our U.S. office at 517-355-4654.