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Visiting Scholar Program

(Fall & Spring/Winter Semesters and Academic Year)


The JCMU Visiting Scholar Program is an opportunity for university faculty to live and research in Japan while teaching one undergraduate course. Scholars from various disciplines are welcome to apply for a visiting scholar position at JCMU for fall and/or spring/winter semesters. The Visiting Scholar Program is particularly suitable for faculty members on sabbatical leave.


Visiting scholars are normally in residence for one semester (fall or spring/winter). They teach one undergraduate course (3-4 credits), keep regular office hours, and participate in the life of JCMU whenever possible, including attending special events. They are also expected to assist with the Japanese Culture and Society course as guest lecturer. Scholars are appointed by Michigan State University's Dean of International Studies and Programs, but are responsible to the JCMU Resident Director while in Japan. JCMU visiting scholars are required to follow the MSU Code of Teaching Responsibility (available on the MSU website).

Prior to and after the program, visiting scholars are asked to make efforts to increase awareness of JCMU and its programs among students, faculty and the administration of their institution and among their professional circles. After completion of the Visiting Scholar Program, visiting scholars are required to present on their research or work conducted while in Japan at their home institution, at MSU (the administrative agent of JCMU) or another appropriate professional venue. Arrangements should be made in collaboration with the JCMU program office.

Terms and Conditions

Visiting scholars receive a stipend of $12,000, rent-free housing, reimbursable travel allowance of up to $1,800 and a reimbursable shipping allowance for course materials of up to $400. Spouses are welcome to join the scholars and share the housing but must pay for their own transportation. Visiting scholars must also cover their own local travel, utilities, meals, and incidental expenses.

Course Guidelines

In order to maintain academic integrity of JCMU elective courses and to increase applicability of the curriculum offered at JCMU, we require that proposed syllabi be consistent either with MSU Integrative Studies in Arts & Humanities (IAH) course guidelines, OR, with MSU Integrative Studies in Social Science (ISS) course guidelines. Generally JCMU offers an ISS course offering in the fall, and an IAH offering in the spring. Syllabi of selected courses will have to go through any applicable review processes at MSU; the visiting scholar will be responsible for ensuring that his/her syllabus is successfully approved.