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Faculty Led May Term

Faculty Led May Term


May term program leaders are responsible for teaching one two- to three-week undergraduate course (3-4 credits), keeping regular office hours, and participateing in the life of JCMU whenever possible, including attending special events. Scholars are appointed by Michigan State University's Dean of International Studies and Programs, but are responsible to the JCMU Resident Director while in Japan. Program leaders are required to follow the MSU Code of Teaching Responsibility (available on the MSU website).

Prior to and after the program, program leaders are asked to make efforts to increase awareness of JCMU and its program among students, faculty and the administration of their institution and among their professional circles. Leaders also will be responsible to promote their program in order to ensure that the program meets the minimum enrollment.

Terms and Conditions

JCMU May term program leaders receive a stipend for living expenses of $1,665, rent-free housing in an apartment located in the JCMU facility, an honorarium of $500 and a reimbursable travel allowance of up to $1,800. Spouses are welcome to join the scholars and share the housing but must pay for their own transportation. May program leaders must also cover their own local travel, utilities, meals, and incidental expenses.

JCMU May term programs are conditional upon a mutually agreed upon minimum enrollment JCMU program fee paying students.

Group shot of 2013 Contemporary Japanese Politics May Program