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Visiting Scholar Testimonials

Visiting scholar 2
Karol I. Pelc, Ph.D.
Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, Michigan Technology University
Japanese Innovation Management, May 2010
Management of Technology and Innovation in Japan, Fall 2005
Comparative Management of Technology: Japan and the West, Fall 1992

I consider my experience at JCMU as very beneficial and highly effective for my   
academic career. It provided an extremely interesting environment for teaching and
In particular, thanks to contacts with the industry, I was able to collect source materials for both teaching and research on Japanese managerial practices and industrial development of Japan. I have also made a number of public presentations on Japanese management of innovation (at conferences, professional societies, etc.) as well as I enlarged the scope of courses offered at my university. The scholar connections I made through JCMU allowed for a number of visits to Japanese companies and facilitated personal interviews with managers of those companies. In addition, thanks to JCMU’s contacts in Hikone, both my wife and I had opportunity to establish close and lasting friendships with several Japanese families. The students at JCMU are usually highly motivated to study different aspects of life in Japan and they become easily involved into very active class discussions as well as in informal conversations related to the courses and outside that framework. The directors and staff of JCMU have always been extremely hospitable and supportive in solving professional as well as personal everyday problems. 


Visiting scholar 1
Jacob Peng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Michigan-Flint
International Business in East Asia: Japan and Taiwan, May 2009

Being at JCMU impacted my research in accounting by giving me more background on the Japanese capital market and accounting practices. The JCMU 20th Anniversary Celebration was the highlight of our trip in 2009, but we also experienced Japanese cultural classes at JCMU including tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, etc. Overall, my time at JCMU was full of great experiences.


Visiting scholar 3
William Crawley, Ph.D.
Professor of Criminal Justice, Grand Valley State University
Comparative Social Organization and Control: Japan and the United States, Fall 2009

My time at JCMU extended me as teacher, researcher and student of Japan. While I have traveled to Japan previously, my stay at JCMU provided me with access and experiences I would not have otherwise not had available. JCMU provided me with an opportunity to access and spend time studying various Japanese social institutions (e.g., court processes, policing). The JCMU staff is very supportive and work diligently to share with the relationships the institution has developed with the local community over many years.