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Home Stay

Home Stay

Home stays with local families offer the ultimate opportunity to meet and interact with Japanese people. From within the Japanese family structure, students will gain a deeper appreciation of Japanese values, behavior, and sense of balance between personal and group responsibilities while developing their language skills.

Home stays are an important part of the Japan experience. All host families have been carefully selected by the Homestay Coordinator and the homes have been inspected prior to approval. JCMU arranges home stays of various durations, based on family availability and student preferences. Students may, for example, live for one month in the Residence Hall apartments and stay one month with a family, or live for the whole summer in the Residence Hall and spend an occasional weekend with a family.

All students will live in the Residence Hall for their first week at JCMU and those interested in a home stay will then meet with the JCMU Home Stay Coordinator for an interview, who will then place the student in a home stay.

Included in the Home Stay

All students participating in a home stay will have their own bedroom and no home stay will be further than an hour's commute from JCMU by train and bicycle. JCMU will cover the cost of commuting on class days if the student needs to use a train. Generally, students need to take a train no later than 7:30~8:00 a.m. each morning in order to be on time for class. Home stays will include two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. The student is then responsible for lunch and any additional meals or snacks they may want.

Detailed information can be found in the JCMU Student Handbook, which the student will receive post-acceptance.

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