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Housing FAQ

Housing FAQ

Can I live with my boyfriend/girlfriend in the Residence Hall?


Can I live with my spouse in the Residence Hall?

If the couple is married, not just engaged, and both are enrolled in the program they may occupy a student apartment each paying the standard fee. There is no special rate or discount. A copy of the marriage certificate must be provided upon request.

What size are the beds?

Twin sized sheets will fit the bed, if you wish to bring your own sheets.

Do I have to bring my own sheets?

No, sheets will be provided, though many students do elect to bring their own.

What about towels?

Yes, you will need to bring your own bath towels, facial towels, hand towels, and kitchen towels, or you may buy them in Hikone. The ¥100 shop in Hikone has cheap hand towels and kitchen towels if you wish to buy them there.

I want to do a home stay and indicated that on my post-acceptance paperwork. When will I know if I can get one?

The post-acceptance paperwork gives us an idea of how many students are interested in doing a home stay. All students will live in the Residence Hall apartments the first week and will conduct an interview with the Homestay Coordinator who will then place you into a home stay if there is one available. The number of home stays varies by semester, but the Homestay Coordinator does her best to accommodate everyone who wishes to live in a home stay.

Is there a drop in price if I do a home stay?

No. Though it may seem like living in a home stay would cost less, there is no decrease in price as the fees are used for slightly different things such as commute, meals, and compensation for the host families rather than utilities and rent.

If I do a home stay and need to take the train each morning, do I have to pay for it myself?

No, part of your housing fee includes transportation if you live in a home stay and need to take a train.

How far away are home stays?

Each home stay is a bit different, but no home stay will have more than an hour commute from JCMU by train and bicycle.