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Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for
Students with Disabilities

*Pictures of wheelchair accessible areas of JCMU can be found here.

Step 1: Registering with Your Disability Office

  • Consortium and affiliate students must register with their home institution’s disability office.
  • Students registering at Michigan State University as Lifelong Education Students must register with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. Please go to to begin this process.

Step 2: Disclosing Your Disability and Requesting Accommodations

Once a student is registered, they must work with their disability office to complete an accommodation request form to be submitted to the JCMU program coordinator in East Lansing. If a student’s institution does not have such a form, please use the Accommodation Request Form.

This step must be done in a reasonable timeframe so as to allow for satisfactory evaluation of the requested accommodation and adequate time to implement the accommodation, if any. If a student does not disclose their disability and/or request accommodation in a timely manner, JCMU may not be able to assess and accommodate their needs.

Step 3: Accommodation Request Review

After an accommodation request form has been submitted to JCMU, the request will be reviewed by the JCMU resident director (RD) who will work with appropriate JCMU faculty and staff to determine what accommodations can be provided.

Step 4: Response to Accommodation Request

JCMU will provide a response to the accommodation request in writing. If the requested accommodation is unavailable, whenever possible, the RD will suggest alternative means of accommodating the student.