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Japanese Language


All students participating in the semester and summer programs take Japanese language. The JCMU Japanese language program offers four levels of instruction: elementary, lower intermediate, intermediate, and advanced. Each level is designed to help students improve their proficiency through combination of in-class instruction and outside activities. The language program as a whole aims to produce students who can communicate effectively in a variety of socio-cultural contexts both in spoken and written Japanese.

Placement Test: Students will be placed into the level best-suited to their abilities after taking a placement test at the beginning of the program. The placement test consists of a written test and a short interview.

JPN course
Minoru Aizawa, Japanese Language Program Coordinator

Japanese Language Course Offerings


The objectives for all Japanese language courses offered at JCMU are as follows.

  1. To emphasize creative student-centered and situational activities, coupled with basic pattern practices and drills.
  2. To increase students' proficiency and accuracy in the use of the Japanese language.
  3. To increase students' awareness and accuracy in a variety of language tasks/functions, text types and content/context variables.
  4. To couple the language learning with an appreciation of Japanese customs, culture, and social phenomena.
  5. To meet the individual affective needs of students;
  6. To extend language use with "real life" experiences outside of class (language-based discussion groups, "conversation partners" with Japanese ESL students, interview activities with Japanese individuals, home stay and other activities involving local Japanese families and individuals).
japanese level 1
Instructor Keiko Melville and her Japanese Level 1 class