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Guest Students

Guest Students

Students who are not from Consortium universities or Affiliate schools must apply to JCMU through the Michigan State University Lifelong Education program (LLE).

Before Attending JCMU

LLE students will receive a MSU identification card and email account, essentially becoming a temporary MSU student. LLE students will be billed for JCMU directly through MSU's Student Account "StuInfo" system according to MSU's billing schedule.


With the completion of a JCMU program, the student's grades will be reported to MSU. In order to transfer these grades, s/he must request their transcript be sent to the student's home institution either in person at the Office of the Registrar or using their online form.

LLE student may need to contact their home institution (generally their advisor) to find course equivalencies. If one is not already established, the student may need to supply a copy of the course syllabus to their home institution, and copies can be obtained through the JCMU office.


If at any point an LLE student attempts to log on to StuInfo or the Office of the Registrar's website with their NetID and repeatedly gets "Not Authenticated" errors, they may need to contact the MSU AIS Help Desk to have the NetID re-authenticated. This can happen if the student's account has not been accessed in a while.

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