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Places to Eat in Hikone

Places to Eat in Hikone

Hikone has a variety of restaurants that serve cuisines from all across the world. If you have extra money to eat out, check out these local places to get a taste of Japanese food and more.

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club harie



Club Harie: Stop by Club Harie for delicious bread and pastries! Club Harie is also located next to JCMU facilities, so it’s a perfect spot for satisfying any cravings you may have.


CoCo’s Restaurant: Right next to the JCMU facilities, CoCo’s is the closest place to go for quality Japanese food! Menu items include all the classics such as hamburg steak, curry, spaghetti, pizza, and more!

Ginsui: Located at the entrance of Hikone Castle Town, Ginsui is the place to go if you are looking to try authentic Japanese sushi.




McDonalds: Try out Japanese McDonalds! The nearest one is located on Bell Road, and they provide popular items such as the Teriyaki Burger and Shrimp Filet-o.


Suisu: Located on Bell Road (15-20 minute bike ride), this hidden gem offers great Japanese home-style food without the high prices.

Sapna: Located on Bell Road, this Indian restaurant provides great set meals for a cheap price, all including freshly made Naan bread.





Kurazushi: If you’ve never tried conveyer-belt sushi, this is your chance! Kurazushi offers sushi that you can pluck off a conveyer belt for only around 100 yen per plate.


Kyabetsubatake: Located near Shigadai, this restaurant specializes in delicious okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes).

Gennai: Located on Castle Road (15 minute bike ride), this classy restaurant specializes in eel dishes. Try out their famous unagi-don (eel on rice bowl)!




Curry House CoCo Ichibanya: Not to be confused with CoCo’s, Bell Road’s CoCo Ichi offers all different types of Japanese curry for a great price.


Den: Located near Viva City, Den is the place to go for quality yakiniku (grilled meat). You can grill the meat yourself and choose from plenty of side dishes to go with the meat.


Gasuto: Located on Bell Road, Gasuto offers everything from hamburg steak to pasta. If you’re ever hungry, Gasuto will definitely have something new on the menu for you to try!


cafeteria vidal  

ShigaDai/KenDai cafeterias: Don't forget to visit the delicious food available at cafeterias at Shiga University and the University of Shiga Prefecture. It's an affordable alternative to restauarants and you can enjoy the food while meeting new Japanese university students.

Vidal: This local bakery is located on the left side of the road along Lake Biwa on way to Cainz. The owner is a very friendly Japanese woman, so be sure to stop by for some freshly-baked bread while practicing your Japanese with the owner and customers.