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JCMU Campus


The JCMU campus consists of beautiful and spacious buildings configured in an academic building, an adjoining residence hall facility, a lakefront garden, a basketball court and a tennis court, as well as open space for students to play ball. A CoCo's restaurant is adjacent to the academic building and students often frequent the restaurant for lunch. The entire facility is on the waterfront of Lake Biwa with a public beach only a short walk away.

Residence Hall

The residence hall, located next to the academic building, contains a newly refurbished lobby/lounge, a computer lab, laundry room, television/recreation room, fitness room, student apartments and faculty apartments. The building contains apartment suites designed to accommodate a total of 70 students, live-in faculty and administrative staff. Apartment suites have two single bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. There are also two apartments specially designed to be fully accessible to students with disabilities.

Academic Building

The academic building contains classrooms, a library, two Computer Assisted Learning Laboratories, Apple Hall (the main lobby and spacious lounge), the Shahakunage Room (a traditional Japanese-style room), conference rooms, faculty and administrative offices, and a restaurant.

View of JCMU from near Lake Biwa

CoCo's restaurant, Academic Building, Residence Hall

apple hall
Lobby of Academic Building

conference room


tatami room
Tea Ceremony Room

Walking Tour of JCMU

  walking tour 1Part 1

walking tour 2Part 2