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Narita International Airport

Getting to JCMU from Narita International Airport (NRT)

Please note that these are sample itineraries. Students planning to travel on their own should double-check train schedules and availability. Detailed times and fares can be found on Hyperdia.

Flowchart getting to JCMU from NRT:



  • The Shinkansen is expensive but very fast.
  • Sometimes you might have to transfer in Nagoya. If you do, please see Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport instructions for information about transferring.
  • From Shinagawa-station, take the Shinkansen to Maibara.  Please make sure the Shinkansen you get on stops at Maibara Station.
    • If you cannot make it to the Center by the last train, please contact the JCMU Hikone office, stay in Tokyo overnight, and arrive at JCMU next morning.
  • The taxi fare from Maibara Station to JCMU costs about ¥2000 (cash only).