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Applying for Scholarships

The scholarships listed at left are administered by entities outside of JCMU. These scholarships have varying eligibility requirements and deadlines, so we highly recommend that you carefully read the application information and contact the agency regarding your application as early as possible. Many of these scholarships can be layered, so that a single applicant may receive multiple scholarships to support their study abroad experience.

In addition to the scholarships posted here, many institutions offer their own scholarship and grant opportunities to students for study abroad. We highly recommend that you get in touch with your financial aid advisor early on, so as to learn about funding opportunities well in advance of possible application deadlines or due dates. Talking with local community organizations, such as local foundations (including corporate foundations), international service clubs like your local Rotary International Club or Lions Club, faith-based organizations and community groups is another great way to learn about possible scholarship opportunities.

Good luck with your scholarship applications!