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Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to join the JCMU program. There is no additional tuition cost or price per credit hour difference for graduate student participants. Fellowship students are accepted at JCMU, though payment processes may differ depending on your school and fellowship requirements. Please indicate in your JCMU application whether or not you are expecting to use fellowships or financial aid so that we can facilitate the transfer of aid from your home institution to JCMU.

Automatic JCMU Scholarship

All students from the 15 consortium universities in Michigan are eligible to receive the automatic JCMU scholarship. This scholarship functions as an automatic tuition deduction from your program fee. To find out whether or not you are a consortium student, please see the Consortium Member University List.

Please note: the automatic JCMU scholarship is the only scholarship for graduate students currently available through JCMU. We regret that we do not offer any other forms of in-house financial support at this time.

For Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellows:

FLAS fellows are welcome at JCMU for fall, spring, academic year, or summer semesters.

  • If you are a FLAS fellow from a consortium, affiliate, or cooperative school, JCMU will bill your school and be paid directly. Consortium students will receive a reduced invoice that reflects the application of the Automatic Consortium Scholarship (about a $2000 reduction per standard semester).
  • If you are an MSU student, your fellowship will be applied through student accounts, just as it would be if you were remaining on campus. MSU students will also receive the Automatic Consortium Scholarship.
  • If you are participating in JCMU as an MSU Lifelong Education student, you will need to discuss with your institution how the fellowship payment will be conducted.
    • Some schools choose to pay the student – the student then turns around and pays their student account online (just like a regular tuition payment). This is by far the simplest and most direct means of applying your fellowship funds.
    • Some schools prefer to pay the school directly using a Financial Aid Consortium Agreement (PDF)*; this agreement allows the money to be transferred between the home institution and MSU.
    • Some schools prefer direct payment to accounts receivable. If this is the case, please contact the JCMU office to arrange for payment.

Institutionally-Based Scholarships & Fellowships

Depending on the rules of the institution, your school-based fellowship may be eligible for transfer to JCMU to cover the expenses of participation. To learn if this is the case, please contact the graduate school at your university, or your home institution's financial aid office. Please note: teaching fellowships and research-based on-campus funding are typically exempt from transferable funding – the best way to know and to budget for your time abroad is to discuss options with your home institution.

Other Forms of Funding

Graduate students are encouraged to explore funding options prior to their application to JCMU. Requests for letters of endorsement, certificates of enrollment, or other documentation necessary for scholarship and fellowship committees should be made of the JCMU staff as early as possible. Early planning and contact can help prevent snags and miscommunications and ensure a smooth, successful transition to JCMU.