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JCMU Returnee Scholarships

In order to encourage JCMU alumni to return to Hikone and complete another JCMU program, we offer all returnee students with automatic scholarsips! You do not need to apply for these awards - they will be given to you automatically. These scholarships are awarded in addition to the regular automatic Consortium Scholarships offered to all consortium students attending JCMU.

No matter the JCMU program you completed (including the MI-Shiga High School Exchange), you will be eligible to receive this award! All alumni of our college programs and high school alumni from 2016 and on will be in our system and will automatically be tagged as returnees. If you completed the high school exchange before 2016, please let us know so we can tag you as returnees.

As these scholarships are offered through JCMU, scholarship payments will be issued as deductions from the recipient’s JCMU invoice. Only in the case that the scholarship award is greater than the amount due will the scholarship then be paid directly to the student’s home institution. JCMU does NOT issue any form of payment to the student or recipient directly.

Award amounts:
  • $1,000 for a program of 9 weeks or more (semester, summer internship, summer language, academic year)
  • $500 for a program 4-9 weeks in length (Environment & Sustainability, Health & Culture, Teaching English)
  • $100 for a program 2-4 weeks in length (May short programs)

For questions or concerns regarding this alumni scholarship opportunity, please contact JCMU Fiscal Officer in East Lansing, Kitty Douglass, at or by phone at 517-355-4654.