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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) oversees the operation of JCMU on behalf of the Consortium (Michigan's 15 public universities). The committee, with the advice of the Consortium representatives, develops appropriate written policies and procedures to allow implementation of JCMU's curricular goals.

2019 Executive Committee Membership

  • Dr. Kelli Dixon, Wayne State University – chair, Consortium representative*
  • Rebecca Hambleton, Grand Valley State University – Consortium representative*
  • Alex Zimmerman, Oakland University – Consortium representative*
  • Dr. Steven Hanson, Michigan State University – Provost's designee*
  • Dr. Denise Saint Arnault, the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – AAO designee*
  • Dr. Claudia Douglass, Central Michigan University – AAO designee*
  • Daniel Hurley, Michigan Association of State Universities – MASU representative
  • Dr. Robert Glew, Michigan State University – International Studies & Programs Dean's designee
  • Christopher Stevens – JCMU alumni representative
  • Shosaku Ueda – Japan Business Society of Detroit (JBSD) representative

*indicates voting member of the Executive Committee


The Executive Committee meets on a regular basis to review and implement matters related to JCMU, with full committee meetings traditionally held every fall and spring. The Executive Committee reports its action to the Consortium at large in a timely fashion for review and recommendation.

Committee Structure

The Executive Committee is led by the Committee Chair, who is elected by vote by his or her fellow committee members. Voting members serve a minimum of two (2) year staggered terms. There are no term limits.

Voting Members (6):

  • Two (2) members from the Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU) Academic Affairs Officers (AAO) Committee
  • the Michigan State University Provost's Designee (1)
  • three (3) members elected by the Consortium representatives

Quorum on voting issues is maintained at one above majority, or four participating voting members.

Non-voting Members (4):

  • the Executive Director of the Michigan Association of State Universities (MASU) (1)
  • the Michigan State University International Studies & Programs Dean (or designee) (1)
  • the JCMU alumni representative (1)
  • the Japan Business Society of Detroit (JBSD) representative (1)


The Executive Committee also authorizes subcommittees to provide guidance on particular issues relevant to JCMU's operations. Since 2016, the Executive Committee maintains a 6-person subcommittee for further guidance on JCMU's finances. Previous subcommittees (now defunct) have included groups focused on Scholarships (2006) and Curriculum (2007). Subcommittee participation by committee members is voluntary. Additional subcommittees may be added as requested by JCMU's administration or by movement of the Executive Committee.