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Passports and Visas


All students must have a valid, signed passport. If you do not have a passport, or your passport is set to expire in the year that you intend to travel to Japan, please apply for a new one as soon as you start your JCMU application online. A valid passport is required for the visa application process, so it is necessary to have your passport at least a few months prior to your program departure date (if your program requires a visa).


Visas are endorsements on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in another country. Whether or not you need a visa to participate in your chosen JCMU program(s) will depend on the nationality of your passport and your total length of stay in Japan. 

JCMU applies for all visas when they are required for students participating in our study abroad programs. By applying on behalf of our students, JCMU is able to receive visas much more quickly and with fewer errors. Necessary materials will be listed in the student's online application after he or she is accepted. To facilitate the visa process, students should complete and submit all requested documentation.

JCMU will only guarantee and facilitate visas for students on our programs – we cannot assist in visa preparation or processing for tourists, business visitors, or other travel purposes to Japan. 

For more information, please review the following resources: