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Know Your Costs

The fees and estimated expenses for each program can be found on the budget sheets linked from the Programs Overview page or by visiting the JCMU application portal.

Make sure to consider potential expenses beyond the program and housing fees charged by JCMU. The major expenses NOT included in the program/housing fees are:


Students make their own flight arrangements within the program schedule. JCMU will designate a "recommended flight" that will be met at the airport by JCMU staff.


Students living in the residence hall must provide their own meals. Students living in a homestay will receive breakfast and dinner from the host family, but must provide their own lunches.

Travel Expenses

Fares for travelling to and from the airport and JCMU are the responsibility of the student, as are all personal travel expenses. Exact travel costs may be found on the Hyperdia website.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Including independent travel, entertainment, gifts, etc. These miscellaneous expenditures vary greatly from student to student given variations in the yen/dollar exchange rate and personal spending habits.

Elective Course Overload Fees (semester programs only)

Students participating in JCMU's semester-long programs enroll in 10 credits of Japanese and up to 5 credits of elective courses. Participants who choose to enroll in an additional JCMU elective course will be assessed an overload fee of $300 per credit over the 15 credits included in the semester program fee.