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After Your Study Abroad

The study abroad experience does not end as you leave Japan. You may be feeling overwhelmed, or maybe you want a way to talk about your time in Shiga. You are always welcome to contact the JCMU office at any point after your return.

For Recent Returnees

  • Returnee Resources: Returning home from study abroad can be a challenging and difficult time. For some, readjusting to life at home can be as difficult as adjusting to life in Shiga.
  • Staying Involved: From featuring your story on our website to connecting with future students, there are a lot of ways you can continue using your experiences at JCMU.
  • Feedback (anonymous form): Do you have any concerns/suggestions you want us to consider? Then click the link above to complete an anonymous feedback form.

JCMU Alumni Next Steps

JCMU alumni go on to do all kinds of great work using the knowledge and skills they gain at JCMU. Below is a list of opportunities that have been suggested by our alumni over the years.