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Intensive Japanese Programs

JCMU's intensive Japanese language programming allows students to study 10 credits of college-level Japanese per term. Courses are offered at levels 1 (beginner) through 4 (advanced). No prior Japanese language study necessary to apply.


Students may enroll in JCMU's intensive Japanese language courses as part of the following programs:

Language Courses

Students complete Japanese language courses in one of the levels listed below based on a placement test given at the beginning of the program:

  • Elementary Japanese (Level 1)
  • Lower Intermediate Japanese (Level 2)
  • Intermediate Japanese (Level 3)
  • Advanced Japanese (Level 4)

All levels:

  • Emphasize students-centered activities, including situational activities and group work in addition to basic pattern-practices and drills.
  • Combine language-learning with an appreciation of Japanese customs, culture, and social phenomena.

Immersive Learning Environment

JCMU places a focus on extending language-learning beyond the classroom. All programs include these opportunities:

  • Homestay opportunities (optional)
  • Clubs and activities sponsored by local Japanese partner universities
  • Interaction with Japanese ESL students (on and off campus), including conversation partners
  • Experiential internship opportunities at local organizations/businesses (fall or spring semester)
  • Other community events and activities