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Programs Overview

JCMU runs programs throughout the year. Programs vary in duration, topic, and cost. 

Intensive Japanese Language Programs

Programs with a focus on intensive Japanese language. Students earn 5-10 credits of Japanese per semester/term. Offered every fall, spring (winter), and summer (some offerings, such as business, may have limited availability)

Semester Japanese Language and Culture

14-15+ credits | ~15 weeks | Every Fall (September - December) or Spring (January - April)

Semester Business and Japanese Language

12+ credits | ~15 weeks | Every Spring (January - April) beginning 2022

Summer Intensive Japanese Language

10 credits | ~9 weeks | Every summer (June - August)

Non-Language Programs

Programs that explore Japanese culture and society in addition to the program topic.

Health and Culture in Japan

6 credits | ~5 weeks | Every summer (May - early June) 

Teaching English in Japan

6 credits | ~5 weeks | Every summer (May - early June) 

Short Courses

Programs 2-3 weeks in length led by faculty from various JCMU partner institutions. Program topics vary each year. Popular topics are often repeated every few years.

Criminal Justice in Japan - May 2021

3 credits | ~3 weeks | Summer 2021 (May) 

Entrepreneurship in Japan - August 2021 (Tentative)

3 credits | ~2 weeks | Summer 2021 (August) 

Internship Programs

Program(s) offering the opportunity to complete an internship with a company or organization in Japan for academic credit.

Summer Internship Program

9+ credits | ~12 weeks | Every summer (May - late July) 

Not currently offered. If you are interested in this or a similar opportunity, please contact our office.