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Our center in Hikone contains both living and learning facilities on site. The campus is composed of the following two connected buildings:

JCMU Students in the Residence Hall.jpgResidence Hall

Our on-campus Residence Hall accommodates up to 70 students, live-in faculty, and administrative staff. Two apartments are designed to be fully accessible to students with disabilities.

The Residence Hall contains:

    • Lobby/lounge
    • Computer lab
    • Laundry room (and drying rooms)
    • Television/recreation room
    • Student apartments
    • Faculty apartments

Aizawa-sensei Teaching in the Academic Building.JPGAcademic Building

Right next to the Residence Hall is our Academic Building, complete with classrooms and cultural activities rooms. Connected to the Academic Building is Coco's, a Japanese-style family restaurant. There is also a lakefront garden behind the building.

The Academic Building contains:

    • Classrooms
    • Library
    • Computer rooms
    • Apple Hall (lobby, spacious lounge)
    • Traditional Shahakunage room
    • Conference rooms
    • Faculty and administrative offices