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Visiting Scholar Information

JCMU welcomes scholars from around the world through a variety of different program options and scholarly events.

Travel Arrangements

For visiting scholars traveling to JCMU-Hikone from North America, the JCMU Program Office in East Lansing will arrange for transportation from an airport near your current residence to Japan. These arrangements will be made through our travel agency and direct-billed to JCMU, up to the contractual limit set within the letter of appointment by JCMU’s executive administration. Spouses are welcome to join the scholar and share housing but must pay for their own transportation (both airfare and ground transport). Additional airfare expenses, such as stops in Japan outside of direct program-related travel, is the financial responsibility of the faculty member.

Books and Instructional Materials

Books and curriculum materials required for any course are provided to the students by JCMU as part of their program fee. As such, books are ordered six weeks prior to a program’s departure date to allow for delivery and shipment to Japan. Please submit booklists to the Fiscal Officer in East Lansing 6-8 weeks prior to your program’s departure date to have books ordered for your students.

Teaching at JCMU

JCMU welcomes faculty to teach in our May short course programs, Summer Intensive Japanese Language Program, and as elective instructors during the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Visiting faculty are responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating their own course’s content. All teaching faculty at JCMU must fully comply with the Michigan State University Faculty Code of Teaching Responsibility and successfully complete the MSU Critical Incident Management Training before their appointment at the Center begins.


JCMU visiting faculty are housed in private apartments in our on-site residence hall. Housing is rent-free and includes basic furniture, appliances, and utensils. Faculty staying at JCMU for 4 weeks or more are responsible for their own utility expenses (i.e., gas, water, electricity, and telephone). Family members may join faculty in the JCMU accommodations as space allows. A larger apartment may be available at an additional cost; this is due to the additional cost charged to JCMU. All expenses incurred for family members will be at the scholar’s personal expense.

JCMU does not provide liability insurance for personal belongings. As such, it is highly advised that all faculty residing at JCMU regardless of program duration purchase their own personal property liability insurance policy prior to traveling to Hikone. 

For scholars whose programs travel outside of Hikone, alternate accommodations will be budgeted for in the program development process and reserved. Such alternate housing may include hotels or guest houses in other cities and overnight stays at Buddhist temples. 

Reporting Grades

All instructors should report grades using the JCMU Official Grade Report Form. Grades should be submitted to the Office Manager in Hikone, who will submit them to the Resident Director for review and signature. Grades should include both the letter grade and the percentage that the student received in class. For grading that is conducted after the faculty member leaves Japan, the grade report form may be submitted to the Office Manager via email. 

Class Evaluations

All faculty will be given class evaluation forms to be distributed on the last full day of class. The faculty member should select a student to supervise the evaluation prior to leaving the room. Class evaluations will be available for the faculty to review after all student grades have been reported to the Hikone main office.