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CCHP Keystone Course Instruction

JCMU continuously accepts faculty proposals for new keystone courses offered as part of our Career Culture Hybrid Programs (CCHPs). CCHP programs are 3-4 weeks in length and include a 3-credit keystone course in a professional field, combined with a 3-credit Japanese culture and society course. CCHP keystone courses are taught by visiting scholars in English, and open to all JCMU-eligible students.

CCHP Keystone Course Overview

JCMU CCHP Keystone courses are:

  • typically 3-4 credits
  • may include both an undergraduate and graduate option
  • taught in English with no Japanese language prerequisite
  • vary in topic based on the faculty leader's interests
  • open to students from any college or university in the United States and Canada

Past courses have included a variety of fields of study, such as Fine Arts, Religious Studies, International Business, Intercultural Communication, Anthropology, History, and Political Science.

Proposal Process

Keystone course proposals should be submitted to the JCMU East Lansing office by June 1st of the year prior to the proposed course delivery date (so, applications for summer 2025 programs must be received by the East Lansing office by 1 June 2024). Please review the CCHP Keystone Course Proposals Guide for application information.

Program Planning

Keystone course faculty leaders work with JCMU staff both in the United States and Japan to plan, budget, and implement their courses as part of the CCHP program. As such, faculty leaders are responsible for maintaining communication with both JCMU offices (Hikone and East Lansing), as well teaching the course.


CCHP Keystone course faculty receive instructional compensation, direct-billed travel to Japan, a stipend for living expenses, rent-free housing and utilities at JCMU in Hikone. Required program elements for each program, including group meals, admission to sites or museums, group travel (including a 7-day Japan Rail Pass, if needed) and off-site program housing are also budgeted into every program per the needs of the course itinerary. For questions about program budgeting, please contact the JCMU Fiscal Officer in East Lansing.

Student Admission Procedures

JCMU’s standard application procedures apply. Faculty leaders will be given an opportunity to review completed applications and evaluate the candidates. No preference may be granted to students from a faculty leader’s home institution. For programs offered by partner universities hosted at JCMU, please see the Program Hosting information page.