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Staying Involved

There are a lot of ways you can continue using your JCMU experiences! You can contact us at jcmu(at)msu.edu about any of the ideas below.

Write About Your Experiences

Whether you wanted to write about an overall discussion of your time in Japan or that one eventful trip to Osaka, we would love to feature your JCMU story the news section of our website, or on our social media accounts.

Connect with Prospective Students

Speak with people who want to learn more about what study abroad is like from a student's perspective. Talk with others at study abroad fairs, give presentations to classes, and more. If you want to list your contact information as a recent JCMU alum prospective students can reach out to, let us know.


JCMU occasionally has volunteer opportunities for our alumni. Contact us if you are interested in speaking with prospective study abroad students, helping with study abroad fairs, and so on. Your on-campus study abroad office might also have some volunteer opportunities available to you.

Continue Your Studies

Use what you learned at JCMU in future classes! Keep studying Japanese or take other classes with an international focus. Your firsthand experience will add to classroom discussions.

Create a Photo Journey

Show off your time in Japan through pictures! We would love to feature your photos on JCMU's social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) as well.

Participate in a Club/Organization

Go to your on-campus Japan club, join community organizations focused on international ties, and so on.