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JCMU Forms New Agreement to Benefit Students & Alumni

Published: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010
Author: Katie Walquist
Department: Japan Center for Michigan Universities

JCMU continue to expand opportunities for students after they graduate. In April, a new scholarship agreement was established with the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). Each year MIIS will award two two-year scholarships of $24,000 to JCMU alumni to attend MIIS in preparation for graduate work in international business, professional translation, international policy, language teaching or Foreign Service. "We are continually impressed with the number of JCMU students who have subsequently gone on to work in American companies doing business in Japan as well as Japanese companies," said Dr. Dawn Pysarchik, MSU associate dean for International Studies and Programs and oversight administrator for JCMU.

Over 2,500 students have engaged in JCMU programs in the past, with alumni working in high profile positions in the White House, Japanese Consulate and various multinational companies.