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JCMU Alumni Association unveils new Logo!

Published: Friday, 01 Apr 2011
Author: Katie Walquist
Department: Japan Center for Michigan Universities

The JCMU Alumni Association has chosen its new logo, based on the design of JCMU alumna Mi Ha.

The chosen design competed against fourteen other logos submitted by Mi and three other JCMU alumni. Many alumni who voted for the logo indicated that it was important that it include the water, remembering how dear Lake Biwa is in their hearts.

Mi attended JCMU in the summer of 2008 for the Summer Intensive Japanese Language Program and now lives in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. She describes her design: There is the sun and it is reflecting on the water. The water represents the Alumni.

The logo can also be seen on the JCMU Alumni Association website and will be used on promotional materials and merchandise in the future.