Immeasurable skills gained in Kenya

I gained a list of new skills that are transferable to my resume and future career.

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Published: Thursday, 02 Nov 2023 Author: Libby Jackson

Libby in hot air balloon over KenyaThis program was the experience of a lifetime. It solidified my goals of becoming a wildlife field researcher - specifically, an animal behavior field researcher.

Getting to conduct our own projects and experience real research was pivotal for my career. I gained a list of new skills that are transferable to my resume and future career.

Along with this I met lifelong best friends. People I would have never met or talked to back at school are now some of my favorite humans. I was able to connect not only with my fellow classmates but also Kenyan natives. I was able to learn some of their language, Swahili. It allowed me to communicate and get to know those different from me on a deeper level. Everyone we met was incredible in their own ways.

One of my favorite aspects of their culture is how relaxed they are. They would call it being on African time, where you’re not rushing about how we do in the States.

This program is worth every penny. I don’t come from the wealthiest family, and I would pay for this again in a heartbeat. The instructors do everything in their power to make sure you get the most out of the program. It is hard work, with tough Students on safari bus seeing rhinoassignments, deadlines, and strict grading. With this, I feel so much more prepared for my future career than I did prior. I am so grateful for my instructors, the Office for Education Abroad, and Michigan State as a whole. The experiences and skills I have gained abroad are immeasurable.

Name: Libby Jackson
Status: Senior
Major: Environmental Biology/Zoology
Minor: Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Hometown: Trenton, Michigan
Program: Behavioral Ecology of African Mammals