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Places to Go in Hikone

Below are just some of the popular destinations our students often visit in Hikone. Clicking each link will open a new tab with more information about the location. For more information about places to go in Hikone, visit the Shiga Tourism Official Website.

Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in JapanLake Biwa

The largest freshwater lake in Japan, located next to the JCMU Hikone campus.

Hikone Castle, one of only a few original castles left in JapanHikone Castle

In use by the Ii family from 1622 until 1874. The best location for experiencing Japanese history firsthand.

Hikone Castle Museum, right next to Genkyu-en Garden and Hikone CastleHikone Castle Museum

Showcases armor, artifacts, tea rooms, and gardens that reflect the history of Hikone.

Genkyu-en Garden, right next to Hikone CastleGenkyu-en Garden

A sprawling attraction located at the foot of Hikone Castle that features the natural beauty of Japan.

Yumekyobashi Castle RoadYumekyobashi Castle Road

A major shopping district across the street from Hikone Castle that has shops, a museum, and cafés that offer local products.

Chikubushima, an island in the middle of Lake BiwaChikubushima

A small island in the middle of Lake Biwa known for the shrines and temples on it that are over a thousand years old!

Viva City, a modern mall in downtown HikoneViva City

This modern mall outside Minami Hikone Station has everything from clothing, food, sports, a movie theater, etc.

Shiga UniversityShiga University

A great place to meet Japanese college students. Many JCMU students join student organizations.

University of Shiga PrefectureUniversity of Shiga Prefecture

Another university partnered with JCMU so that students can meet new friends and attend events.