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Where to Eat in Hikone

The restaurants below make up just a small portion of the popular food spots our students visit in Hikone. Clicking each link will open a new tab with more information about the location. For more restaurants to visit in Shiga Prefecture, go to the Shiga Tourism Official Website.

Club Harie bakeryClub Harie

Stop here for delicious bread and pastries! Club Harie is located next to JCMU facilities, so it's a perfect spot for satisfying any cravings.

CoCo's family restaurant, located directly on JCMU's Hikone campus!CoCo's Restaurant

Connected to the JCMU academic building, CoCo's serves food such as hamburg steak, curry, pizza, spaghetti and more.

Ginsui, an authentic sushi restaurant in downtown HikoneGinsui

Located at the entrance of Hikone Castle Town, Ginsui is the place to go if you are looking to try authentic Japanese sushi.

Shiga Universities' Cafeteria Side-by-Side.jpgUniversity Cafeterias

Local university cafeterias are an affordable alternative to restaurants and you can enjoy the food while meeting with Japanese university students.

Sapna, an Indian restaurant near downtown HikoneSapna

Located on Bell Road, this Indian restaurant provides great set meals for a cheap price, all including freshly made Naan bread.

Kurazushi, a conveyer belt sushi restaurant serving affordable, delicious foodKurazushi

Located a little ways behind Hikone Station, Kurazushi offers sushi that you can pluck off a conveyer belt for only around 100 yen per plate!

Kyabetsubatake, an okonomiyaki restaurant in HikoneKyabetsubatake

Located near Shiga University, this restaurant specializes in okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes).

Gennai, a restaurant in Hikone that specializes in eel dishesGennai

Located on Castle Road, this restaurant serves mainly eel dishes. Try out their unagi-don (eel on rice bowl)!