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Getting to our center in Hikone is not too difficult! Below are the most common forms of transportation that you will use while at JCMU.

JCMU - Traveling by Train in Japan sbs.JPGTrain

Train stations allow for easy access to most parts of Japan, including the main airports. For detailed travel itineraries, please refer to the HyperDia Japanese train route website. If you are traveling to JCMU on your own, please arrive at either the Maibara or Hikone train stations and take a taxi from there (see "Taxis").

Note that the following airports' train stations are named as follows:

    • HND (Tokyo Haneda): HANEDA AIRPORT TERMINAL 1-3

If you are ever unsure of which train to take, then ask a station attendant! Even if you cannot speak Japanese, station attendants often speak English and are always willing to ensure that you end up going in the right direction.

JCMU - Taxis in Japan sbs.jpgTaxis

Taxis are readily available in Japan and can be found right outside of both Hikone and Maibara train stations. The cost to go to the JCMU Hikone campus from these stations is approximately 2,000 yen. Taxi drivers will know where to take you if you tell them that you are going to the "Michigan Center."

JCMU - Biking in Japan sbs.jpgBiking

Bicycles are the main form of daily life transportation in Japan! You will be issued your own bicycle and helmet to be used during your time at JCMU. You are expected to be able to use your bike in order to commute to the train station, purchase groceries, etc. 

JCMU - Waiting for the Charted Bus from the Airport sbs.JPGChartered Bus

JCMU sometimes arranges a chartered bus option to transport students directly from the recommended arrival airport to JCMU campus. If a chartered bus option is available for your program, it will be included in your post-acceptance Welcome Letter. If no chartered bus is offered, a different chaperoned option (via other public transit) may be offered. 

The cost for this bus varies depending on the number of students, but tends to be around 4,000-7,000 yen.